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Natural Birth and Baby CareBaby with Soft Skin

What is more natural then the miracle of birth? It is a beautiful event for parents to welcome a baby into the world and it is one of the most natural events that can ever be experienced, since a women's body was designed to bring life into the world. Pregnancy is a natural, healthy time in a woman's life. For most healthy women a completely natural childbirth experience is possible. Centuries of history attest to the fact that a natural birth usually results in a healthy mother and a healthy baby.

Unfortunately, our society today usually views the safest birth as one that is "sterile", fast, and entirely pain free for mom. In fact, the less inconvenienced we are by birth, the better. Many women believe they can simply rely on the medication options available to control their "pain" and speed up or even induce their delivery with no ill side effects for themselves or their babies. For some this is occasionally true, but for most medications complicate the normal process of birth. From the time that medication is introduced moms-to-be can experience some of the following:

  • Interventions including continuous fetal monitoring, IV, O2 administration, and quite commonly, a surgical birth or cesarean.

  • A labor that slows or stalls

  • A fever or a sudden drop in blood pressure

  • Hindered movement that may prevent normal descent of baby

  • A baby who is still drugged/sluggish at birth and has lower APGAR scores

  • Significantly higher incidence of breastfeeding issues

  • A mom who takes far longer to heal and feel well after birth

These are only some of the possible complications that can occur. But it doesn't have to be that way! Every mom can educate herself and feel strong in making great decisions for herself and her baby. Each baby gets only one birth, so make it a spectacular one!

And why stop with natural pregnancy and births? Why not incorporate natural baby care methods too? Learn about all your choices below.


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