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What is a Homestead?

What exactly is a homestead? The most obvious meaning is a "home or a dwelling" but the term homestead has come to mean so much more in recent years.  The Back-to-the-Land Movement in the 1970's brought about a new meaning for homesteads. They became known as the dwellings of individuals who appreciated a rich, thrifty country-style life full of self satisfaction and self-sufficiency. This rewarding lifestyle choice can be appreciated and lived whether you live in a rural country area or in a big city.

Homesteaders as we know them today strive to live a more self sufficient life, a life that is not entirely dependent upon local grocers, storefronts, energy companies, and the like.  Among the many and varied interests of homesteaders and potential homesteaders are the following:self sufficiency handbook

* Gardening - Growing their own organic produce

* Raising livestock

* Food conservation and storage

* Producing their own food - bread, cheese, milk, meat, etc.

* Making their own clothing and household items

* Conserving energy and using alternative energy

* Using renewable and recyclable materials

* Using homeopathic or natural remedies for illness

* Living in harmony with nature


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