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The Advantages of Wearing Organic Clothing

If you have an interest in organic gardening, you may be curious about the various organic products that are available.  One of the more popular organic products is organic clothing.  Non-organic clothing made from cotton grown with pesticides, contains cotton fibers that have been bleached, chemically treated, and colored with metallic dyes.  Cotton that is grown in light colors and is Eco-dyed has unique properties that darken slightly with washing and contains natural wax that will produce a soft, flattering weave that non-organic cotton cannot match.

Another organic fabric that is becoming increasingly popular is wool.  Certified by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, organic wool comes from sheep raised according to specific standards and the wool is processed using the most natural methods possible. As with organic cotton, wool is available in natural colors and free of artificial dyes.  You can purchase products made with organic wool such as clothing and bedding or you can buy organic wool as yarn for knitting. 


Another by-product of wool is sheepskin, used a car seat covers, yoga mats, and even blankets.   Organically produced wool and cotton are used in a wide variety of clothing, rugs, bedding, and many other products.  Any type of fabric item can be purchased with organically produced fabrics.  The trend toward organic gardening and organic products increases each year as more people make the change to consuming and purchasing organic products as often as possible.  Organic clothing is better for the environment and clothing made from organic fabric has a look and feel that non-organic cotton and other fabric cannot match.


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