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Top Green Toys and Gifts for Christmas 2014!!Green Christmas Guide

Christmas is not only a special holiday for families it is has become so ingrained in our lives that it is tradition as well. During the Christmas holidays we spend time together as families and we generally bestow upon each other gifts from the heart.


Unfortunately Christmas also represents for many families a time of wasteful spending and crazy consumerism. Instead of being a season of giving, we have bought into the media circus and it has become a season of greed and excess. Few of us want our Christmas celebrations to leave a lasting negative impact on the planet though, so more and more families are striving to green their Christmas celebrations and holidays. There are many ways to meet this goal but one of the most crucial is to buy green and sustainable gifts for our loved ones. This year tailor your shopping to be a bit more responsible in the items that you purchase.

Shopping green doesn't mean you don't shop for what you need or want. It is just a matter of thinking about the global implication of your purchases. By that, we mean that we look at the people behind the products that we invest our monies into. We spend billions of dollars during the holiday season for gifts, decorations, and other things. Make the purchases mean something to someone besides just the recipient.

Shopping responsibly leads to helping the environment and voting for the world we want with our money. Purchase recycled wrapping paper, ethical toys, low energy lighting for Christmas trees, organic cotton for creating clothing, and recycled ornaments and decorations. This supports the recycling industry. All paper that is recycled may not be suitable for paper bags in grocery stores, but it will make Christmas cards, gift tags, and wrapping paper.

Save the planet and prevent waste but making informed choices this holiday season. In the process you will discover a world of new products you never knew existed!



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