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Top Green Gifts for Christmas 2014!

Know any green people? Are you one yourself? Give the gift of consciousness and sustainability! More and more people are looking for Christmas gifts that highlight green values. Green values might include a desire for recyclable, sustainable materials, organics, or energy and resource savings. Lucky for us there are numerous gifts out there that are practical, functional, fun, and GREEN!


Tops on my list for eco moms is the Vita-Mix or anything from my Real Foods Kitchen Gadget List!!

Kindle FireOf course is you like to reader paperless books you are in luck! The Kindle Fire is an amazing gift idea and a new take on the Kindle e-reader. Books require a lot of paper and energy to make. Reading digitally saves on resources and saves us money. It is a portable reading device with the ability to wirelessly download books, blogs, magazines, and newspapers.

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