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A Natural Home

Being a homemaker is an important job. It is no wonder that many women everywhere are always looking for easiest and most efficient ways to manage the dozens of household tasks that fall to them every day. Conventional wisdom is many times not applicable though to modern moms that have decided to try and create a natural, green, and non-toxic home for their family.

Natural family living is the goal of many parents in today's toxic world. These ecologically minded parents strive to make informed choices on cutting-edge in order to create a whole, healthy family environment. The home is our refuge...where we feel safe from the outside world....but many parents are horrified to learn that toxins can be prevalent in the home as well. Some of the most hazardous exposures our families will face can be from inside our very own homes.

Here are just a few of potentially hazardous items that can be found in the typical household:

* Toxic pesticides from eating conventionally grown produce.natural laundry detergent

* Petrochemical-based detergents that are responsible for household poisonings

* Ammonia in harsh chemical cleaning products.

* Clear plastic water bottles that leach toxic substance into your water.

* Petrochemical perfumes and bath products

But we have good news! Nearly every unsafe or toxic product on your home has a safe alternative.

* Eliminate pesticides by eating organically grown produce.

* Use soap based cleaning products and ditch the harmful chemicals.

* Use good old vinegar and water and leave ammonia behind.Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel Water Bottle

* Use glass or steel water bottles instead of plastic.

* Use natural bath and body products such as herbs, buttermilk, or organic soaps.

So what more can we do to lead more "natural" family lives and protect our loved ones? Nature Moms has compiled a list of articles and resources at the bottom of this page to help you on your way. Good luck!


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