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Preparing for Natural ChildbirthNatural Childbirth

The choice to go "natural" where childbirth is concerned may be one of the first facets of your birth plan that you consider. You can opt to use synthetic drugs for birth management and pain relief or you can choose to decline those popular options and have a birth that is al natural.

While it can be painful, many times natural childbirth is the best option for having a healthy delivery. It also makes sure that you will be lucid and ready to see and hold you baby once they are born. While most women plan on having a natural birth, many tend to change their minds when the pain gets too bad, especially it it is your first birth.  If you really want to have a natural childbirth, but aren’t sure you’ll stick with it; try these methods to help you prepare for your labor.

The first step in succeeding in natural childbirth is to make your decision and be confident about it. You’ve probably heard someone say (or said it yourself) that they’re going to “try” to have a natural childbirth. Saying you’ll try shows no commitment or confidence in your decision. Instead of “trying” natural childbirth; state that you are “going to go natural”. Being confident that this is what your want to do is actually a big step in making the labor more bearable. If you expect you’ll be in horrible pain, you’re more likely to actually be in pain.


If you are really serious about natural childbirth and are not considered a high-risk pregnancy, you may want to consider hiring people to help to deliver your baby that are more likely to support you choice to give birth naturally. Instead of having a doctor, you can get a midwife. They’re more open to different methods of childbirth, but they still have expertise if something is to go wrong. You may also want to consider hiring a doula. They are basically a paid, naturalistic child birthing coach. When you have someone there reminding you why you made the decision of natural childbirth and pushing you to continue, sticking with it can be easier.

Most people who have, or are trying to have a natural birth end up taking some kind of birthing class, usually Lamaze. These courses teach you how to use focused breathing and other techniques to get through the pain naturally. While these classes help you focus on the task, most don’t adequately prepare women for the tremendous amount of pain involved. Instead of Lamaze, try taking a class on self hypnosis. It uses similar methods to help you lessen the pain.

A great way to actually make labor easier and less painful is perineal massage. In this method, you simply massage the muscles around the vagina about 6 to 8 minutes a day, starting at 34 weeks. You can start later, but not earlier. This will help stretch out the muscles in the area and make it easier for the baby to come out.

Once you get into the delivery room, make sure everyone is aware of your wish to have a natural childbirth. You can instruct doctors not to offer you any medicines unless they are medically necessary. This way, you won’t have the option of changing your mind once you are in labor and are not in a good state of mind. You may want to consider having some sort of backup plan to get medicine if the pain is just too bad, but that’s your own choice.

Just remember, even if you have the best of intentions, sometimes a natural labor is not the best option for the health of safety of you and your baby. Always remember to listen to your doctor’s options or have someone there to help make these decisions for you.

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