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Waterbirth at Home

Waterbirths are controversial and there is disagreement among the medical community as to the safety and advantages of giving birth immersed in water.  There are distinct advantages for both mother and child regarding waterbirths, some of which are largely ignored by the traditional medical community.  The decision to have a waterbirth is a highly personal choice and each woman must decide for herself based on her own feelings and the information she collects on the subject.

Some of the advantages of a waterbirth are as follows:

Water creates weightlessness that will provide support and require less energy from the mother during the birthing process.

Warm water creates relaxation, which will mean less pain for the mother and a reduced amount of adrenaline and anxiety. 

Waterbirths naturally decrease the blood pressure of the mother and the blood supply to the placenta is increased allowing improved oxygen to the fetus. 

Immersion during labor will position the mother in such a way that the fetal decent is quickened.

A waterbirth will focus on the process of giving birth as a natural, wonderful event rather than as an illness that must be treated in a hospital.

The mother will experienced enhanced relaxation and have a minimal need for medical intervention.

The newborn will have an easier transition from the womb into his or her new world. 

Waterbirths are less traumatic for an infant than a birth in a cold, bright hospital room.

If you are considering a waterbirth, speak with your doctor or midwife about the advantages for both you and your baby.  There are a number of facilities that specialize in waterbirths.

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