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Baby Wearing Basics

Baby wearing, the practice of carrying your child next to your body in a sling made of cloth or in a front or back carrier, is gaining popularity among families. Long touted as a beneficial practice for the development of young babies by Dr. Sears, wearing your baby is becoming more conventional and is no longer reserved for the “earth” mothers. Even mainstream moms and dads see the benefits.

Baby wearing has been practiced for millennia in some cultures and, in its simplest form, is simply holding the baby close to mom using a long piece of fabric wrapped around the body. In times past moms needed to work and care for their household all the while watching their small wearing was a necessity. Fore example, American Indians used the “papoose” to hold the baby on mom’s back while she worked. There are many benefits to wearing your baby: two free hands to attend to other needs, the baby is comforted by your closeness and the sound of your heartbeat providing a gentle transition from the womb, the stimulation of seeing the world from higher up as opposed to being in one place, and the ease of going for a walk without a stroller, just to name a few.

Today there are many options to choose from including wraps that you tie or slings that secure with rings, pouches and tubes, Asian-style slings, front carriers, and back packs. They fit numerous body types and come in all different colors and fabric. One is sure to be right for you.

Do a Google search of the term “baby wearing” and you’ll get over six million hits while searching on “baby slings” will net you over one million links. There are a myriad of resources in print, online, in discussion groups, and most importantly, family and friends. When you see someone wearing their baby, stop and ask questions if you are curious.

Dr. Sears has an excellent online resource that covers baby wearing in great detail.


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