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Homeschool Science Projects

What do you recall from your years of science lessons in school? Not much? What about the science projects the teacher had you create? The reason the science projects stick out in the memory is because it’s interactive learning.

You can easily conduct science projects at home without spending a lot of money or time on equipment or supplies. Where can you find ideas?

Look no further than right outside your front door. The weather can provide you with a never ending source of ideas for hundreds of science projects.

Have you ever watched the fog roll in while driving through a mountainous state? The sight is fascinating and if it’s thick enough, even scary! You can duplicate the sight right in your own kitchen.

One easy and inexpensive project is creating fog. Kids of all ages really like this one.

To get started, you’ll need a long neck bottle such as an empty glass soda bottle. Fill the bottle almost half full with hot water. Let it sit a few minutes, then empty some of the water out, leaving about one inch in the bottom. Now stick in the ice cube—the cube should block the neck of the bottle- and watch the fog form between the water and the ice cube.

Another great project is creating a volcano. Like the first project, you need a glass bottle with a narrow neck. Other supplies needed are red food coloring, soil (you can use potting soil) baking soda, vinegar and a dash of dish soap. You’ll need something to set the volcano in such as an old pie or cake pan.

Using the bottle as your volcano to be—place it in the pan and build up the soil on it—sort of like building a sandcastle. Once your model volcano is ready, put one-fourth cup of baking soda into the bottle. Add dish soap.

In a separate bowl, add enough food coloring to the vinegar to give it a nice dark red color. Now add the vinegar into the volcano bottle and voila! A volcano!

Try this: Kraul Science-Craft Kits & 101 Easy Science Projects


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