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Social Opportunities for Homeschool Moms

Homeschool moms can become consumed by lesson plans, school activities, fieldtrips, and other school and family related activities. It is easy for them to lose site of how important mom socialization time is.

Sometimes when you homeschool your children, you aren’t presented with the same social opportunities that you would be if your children attended a traditional classroom. That is to say, roles such as ‘lunch monitor’ or ‘PTA Mom’ are usually not the norm in a homeschool setting. It is also easy to let your job as a homeschool mom become your only priority and you loose the opportunity to socialize with other adults.

For the homeschooling mom, there are still a variety of social situations out there waiting for you. Many of them are family oriented and can be incorporated into your lesson plans. Better yet, several are low cost or free of charge.

Join a homeschool group, either online or in your area. These groups are becoming more popular each year and are located in almost every medium to large city. If there is not a group near you, take the plunge and organize one yourself. You’ll make great connections with other parents who homeschool.

Don’t overlook joining an online group. It is possible to build friendships and ‘be sociable’ in Cyberspace. One of the neatest aspects of these groups is that you’ll come in contact with moms from all over the United States and beyond. This can be a big help if you find yourself struggling to come up with not so boring geography lessons.

Have you acquired a skill or taken up an interesting hobby?  Teach a class to other homeschool moms. It can be a purely recreational class or something educational, which can converted into lesson plans.

Take the class idea one step further and teach it at the community education level. Most school districts offer enrichment classes on a wealth of different subjects. Not only will this option afford you the chance to interact with your peers, it will also give you the opportunity to earn extra money. 

Plan a swap with other homeschool moms whereby you can drop off your children for some play time with other homeschooled children and you can get out to do something you enjoy. Return the favor the following week.

Volunteer with your children. There are many not for profit organizations which allow families to volunteer together. Depending on your duties, it will give you the chance to interact with your neighbors and assist a great cause, at the same time. Animal shelters, nature preserves and soup kitchens are examples of ‘family friendly’ organizations that are always on the lookout for volunteers.

Whatever you choose to get involved in, if you make time for your own social life, you’ll be happier homeschool mom.


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