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5 Steps to Better Health Right Now!Woman eating an apple

Everyone strives to be healthier right? Well, the following ten steps are a nice introduction to better habits that will lead you to a healthier, happier life. Try a few...try them all. You will start to feel better in no time.

* Eat only “CERTIFIED ORGANIC FOODS”, especially when it comes to meats.  In this day and age the only guarantee of quality in the food industry are those two words, “Certified Organic”.  If you do not shop for organic food then you will be left with the hormones, antibiotics, and steroids of conventionally grown meat products and the pesticides of conventionally grown produce.

* Eat "Whole" grains only. That means when it comes to grains, seeds, nuts, and beans, eat only those products that have been sprouted.

* EXERCISE every day!!

* Wear organic cotton, hemp and other all natural fibers.  Synthetic clothing can expose your skin to unnecessary toxins.

* Don't eat cooked foods. Cooking food destroys all of the life giving enzymes and nearly half of the nutrient value. Eat plenty of raw foods for health. Check out our Raw Food Blog for tips.

This list could go on and on but 5 steps is an easy place to start. Feel better soon!

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