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Natural Hair Dye Ingredients

Since avoiding harsh chemicals is an obvious choice for most people wanting to pursue a more natural way of only follows that conventional hair dyes must go. Just think about how bad they smell and how they burn your eyes and nose. Think about what is happening on cellular level once the chemicals are absorbed into your skin. No thanks! There are some natural ingredients and products that help you achieve a new color or hide gray, as well. We have provided a list below:

Cranberry Juice - tints hair a reddish color.

Henna - brown color. Try these brands: Light Mountain Henna  | Hennalucent

Black Henna - This is for black hair. It is a mixture of indigo blue dye and brown mixes up to create black.

Lemon juice and chamomile tea gives natural highlights to blondes and light-haired brunettes.

Cinnamon can brighten red hair

Tea - brown color

Coffee - brown color

Beets - red color

Some other Possibilities:

Light Mountain Natural hair Dye

Natural Mountain Hair Color - Chemical free. 100% Pure botanical hair color. Cruelty free. No animal ingredients; No animal testing. Complete application kit. The complete all natural hair color & conditioning program. Free of harsh peroxide & ammonia! Plus fully illustrated instruction includes cap & gloves.

Most natural health care experts agree that going without hair dye altogether is the safest route. Hair color professionals should wear heavy plastic gloves and a mask to protect against fumes, and should schedule their color work with lots of breaks between applications to limit exposure. Consumers, when possible, should shop around for less toxic, all-natural coloring agents. Many companies like, Avalon Organics, Aubrey Organics, Dessert Essence Organics, Jason Natural Products and Simply Organic make all-natural hair colorings; other popular brands include EcoColors, Naturtint, and Clairol’s Castings line. Hennas, which are available in most salons, are also a good safe, non-permanent option.


Natural Hair Dyes: