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Homeschool on a Budget

Most kids learn faster by a hands on approach or by visualizing the subject and with minimal effort, you can make school lessons both fun and educational. But how can you keep your homeschool curriculum fresh without spending a bundle on materials and supplies?

It’s true as the saying goes that there’s no such thing as a free lunch. There are, however, plenty of discounted or even free items available when it comes to homeschool supplies. There’s a mountain of freebies for you-everything from calendars to worksheets and even actual curriculum.

The library is free and FULL of great, educational books and movies.

The Internet can be a gold mine for all sorts of homeschool supplies if you dig deep enough—some supplies only cost your time.

Need some math supplies? Want to make it more fun for your kids? For free math resources, including games and quizzes, check out


Or what about chemistry? Need some information on that subject? Then check out this site has everything to do with chemistry from atoms to the Periodic Table.

How’s your knowledge of Human Anatomy? You can uncover a fount of information here. 

Trying to teach art? Not so good at it yourself? For lessons—absolutely free—visit this website.  

If you live anywhere in the area, the Kennedy Space Center hosts Homeschool Days.

NASA has great kid friendly solar system experiments –some broken down by age level. They offer free curriculum.

And of course, there’s always the public library containing volumes of information-everything from the solar system to help with teaching geometry.

If you can’t afford to visit other states when learning about geography, check out books from the library about the state that interests your kids. Rent video documentaries about the state.

This site has reference materials... dictionaries, encyclopedias and periodicals.

Finally, for free handbooks dealing with grammar and writing, visit this site. The books are available in pdf format, but if you don’t have Adobe Acrobat, you can download it. Free, of course!


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