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KidKraft Grand Gourmet Corner Kitchen ReviewKidsCraft Grand Gourney Corner Kitchen

A hugely popular gift among kids from 2-10 is a play kitchen. It seems universal that most kids like to play chef and cook up all the best pretend meals for their family and friends. Pretend play has a purpose in children's lives, to help their minds make sense of the world around them and to prepare them for real life experiences. Often times kids get ousted from real kitchens for their safety (which is unfortunate if you ask me) but a play kitchen is their domain. They can cook, bake, and broil to their hearts content and they are in charge of the menu! If they want cookies and brownies for lunch then so be it.


Wooden play kitchens are favored among natural/green parents because they are generally healthier (no plastic off-gassing), they last longer, and they are better for the environment. The best option along these lines is a solid wood play kitchen and they can usually be found among local and smaller size toy makers. Camden Rose makes what is considered to be a gold standard wood play kitchen and if you can afford to go that route then it is the best bet for your money.

KidKraft though is well known for making more modestly priced play kitchens. They are mostly wood so that is a bonus although the use of particle board and some plastic makes them a bit less durable and eco friendly. They are MUCH better than a plastic play kitchen though and if taken care of they should last a long time. An advantage of KidKraft and lower quality wood products is that the play kitchens can be customized more and they often look more realistic and reminiscent of a real kitchen.

KidsKraft Play Kitchen SinkThe KidKraft Grand Gourmet Corner Kitchen includes all the "ingredients" your children will need for delicious make believe fun. This kitchen has a dishwasher, oven, microwave, fridge / freezer, cloth curtains behind the sink, a mock tile backsplash, chalkboard and telephone... this Kitchen is fully loaded! The doors all open and close to make the experience very lifelike. A wonderful gift for young culinary masters in training, the Grand Gourmet Corner Kitchen boasts functioning appliance doors and a metal cookware set with a pot, pan and 2 spatulas. Plus, it's large enough for your little Julia Child or Bobby Flay to take on a "sous chef"!  It has a removable sink for quick and easy cleaning as well. The colors are pink, white, and gray making it preferable for a little girl but there is not so much pink that boys would be opposed to it either. 


The dimensions are 36 1/4 x 12 5/16 x 36 and assembly is required. It is a unique toy kitchen in that it is a corner unit. This allows you to maximize playroom space OR place the kitchen in the corner of a common room where it is out of general traffic areas and out of the way when not in use.




What Customers are Saying:


5 Star ratingReviewers on Amazon.com are giving the KidKraft Grand Gourmet Corner Kitchen 4 and 5 star ratings only.


I have to admit I was skeptical but impressed when it arrived. Everything went great and she loves it. My husband said that while there were a lot of different parts and pieces, the directions were clear and it went together nicely. ~ Mary


I bought this kitchen for my granddaughter's second birthday. She loves it and makes all kinds of good food for her dolls, brothers, parents, grandparents and friends. Her five year old brother loves the kitchen too and helps with making food. It's a great kitchen, very sturdy and lots of fun. - Dallas


This kitchen is so sweet, and perfect for your "little chef." My daughter is 5 years old and loves the kitchen. The only thing that is a little odd, is the oven door opens on the side, instead of up and down. That is really minor, and my daughter does not mind. It is a very durable product. ~ FabulousMommy


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