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Green School Supplies

As summer nears an end parents everywhere start the mad dash to find back-to-school gear and supplies for their kids. Bog box andSchool Classroom office supply stores become madhouses as parents and children peruse store isles with their supply lists in hand. Each child usually has a very different list and it can take days and weeks to make sure everyone has everything they need for the new school year - and that is just for supplies! Kids also usually need some new clothes and new shoes for the new year because they seem to grow like weeds over the summer months.


According to some statistics almost 50% of parents spend over $500 each year on back to school supplies. That is a large amount of money being spent by families each year. But are they thinking about the impact to the planet and to their children's health when they buy these products? Is it possible to buy school supplies for kids that are green and earth friendly as well as non-toxic for our children? Of course it is!! Many ethical and earth conscious companies are now offering green school supplies and gear so that the impact of the "Back to School" season will not be so damaging.


Just imagine all the plastic markers, pens, folders, rulers, binders, and other gear that is tossed every year to make room for new. We can do our part by looking for school supplies that are made of earth friendly materials, that will last more than one year, and that do not off-gas harmful substances. Below is a large list of green back to school supplies. Enjoy!

Greener Paper, Pencils, and Writing Supplies

Eco Friendly Colored Pencils 

Recycled Newspapers Pencils - You may not think the tiny bit of wood used to make pencils is a big deal but they can often be harvested from non-regulated forests. Since trees are the lungs of our planet we need to manage them better! These pencils are made from recycled newspaper.. a material we have in abundance in this country. Check out these recycled tire pencils too.


Eco Color Pencils - These colored pencils are also made with recycled newspaper and the colors come from natural plant dyes. The glue is derived from corn and potatoes. They are fun, colorful, and planet friendly!


BIC ECOlutions Mechanical Pencils -  A greener twist on an old favorite. These pencils use 76% recycled material. Here are some Eco Pens as well.


Recycled Sugar Cane Notebooks - Made from Sugarcane Paper and Soy-Based Inks & Non-Toxic Recycled Materials. The cover is made from recycled cardboard.


Beeswax Crayons - Earth friendly and yet still functional and fun. They even come in a nifty tin that you can label.


Eco BackpackEco Friendly Backpacks and Lunchboxes

Dante Beatrix Backpacks are made from recycled water bottles, giving the plastic  anew and safe use and keeping the bottles out of the landfill! They are trimmed with natural canvas and have a wonderful contemporary and non commercial look that parents love. Of course they are also cute enough for  kids to love as well.


This canvas artist series backpack is perfect for older kids and teens. It is made from earth friendly 100% cotton canvas. Your teen can also draw on it to personalize. Perfect!


The stainless steel Lunchbots Duo is a wonderful, earth friendly lunch system. It has no plastic that will end up in a landfill and the paint on the cover is non-VOC.


Another stainless steel option is the Tiffin. They are stylish and functional. Perfect for older kids and teens!


For younger kids try a bento lunchbox. They are all the rage AND they help reduce wasteful lunches.


Eco Friendly Clothes

Green kids can not only wear earth friendly fashions... they can make a statement about their green values too.


Ragaboo offers organic cotton and bamboo clothing for kids in many styles and colors. I love their eco tees!


Green Edge Kids has some really funky and unique green clothing designs for kids. If you are looking for someone that no one else has... this is the eplace.

Other Green School Supplies

Naked Binders - Super colorful Eco Binders made from recycled materials and cotton cloth.

Eco Friendly Activity Aprons - Elementary age children often need aprons or smocks for art class. They are BPA and PVC free.


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