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Enchantmints Fairy Forest Lodge Review

Fairy Forest HomeChildren everywhere have long been in love with fairies. My favorite movie as a child was Peter Pan and it wasn't the pirates or even the Lost Boys that captivated me it was the fairies. Children love to pretend in the existence of fairies and other woodland realm creatures like trolls and gnomes. Perhaps it is the magical element that appeals to them... pixie dust and their ability to give us sweet dreams. Or maybe it is their miniature status that makes them so appealing, the idea that they can make their home in a tree or a flower. All the best fantasy worlds include fairies!


A little fairy comes at night, Her eyes are blue, her hair is brown,
With silver spots upon her wings, And from the moon she flutters down.
She has a little silver wand, And when a good child goes to bed,
She waves her hand from right to left, And makes a circle round its head.
And then it dreams of pleasant things, Of fountains filled with fairy fish,
And trees that bear delicious fruit, And bow their branches at a wish.


~Thomas Hood~


Fairy Forest Treehouse


Fairy play is so easy because you can use any aspect of nature to make fairy homes. BUT for those short of crafty genes or even much time there are several toy fairy houses on the market that are sure to be a big hit with kids. Our favorite is the Enchantments Fairy Forest Lodge. Not only is it adorable it is also very high quality and sure to last for generations. These toys are as timeless as fairies themselves.

Style comfort and convenience abound in this unique wooden dream home designed for fairies. It is lovingly built to resemble the hollowed trunk of a tree (which is a well known fairy hangout), it has three spacious levels, a spiral staircase, doors that open, and decorative windows. Tiny fairies, elves, pixies and doll house dolls call congregate and rest their weary heads in the Fairy Forest Lodge. The back of the tree is open like a dollhouse to allow easy play access.


The play possibilities can be extended with the addition of accessories that can be added immediately or later. This enables you to keep things fresh with new features and keep kids excited about playing with their fairy friends. For instance a luxurious a green "grassy" puzzle base, furniture pieces, and fairy dolls (sold separately) make this lodge a complete and imaginative multi-use playset. There is even an adorable forest bridge that has the same puzzle piece design.


All materials are made of quality solid wood and they are painted with non-toxic, kid safe paints and finishes.


5 Star ratingReviewers on Amazon.com are giving the Enchantments Fairy Forest Lodge 5 stars.


My 4 year old daughter got this from her grandparents for Christmas and hands down it is her favorite gift. In a world with battery powered, electronic, sensorial overloaded toys, this little house is an excellent buy and worth the money not only because of durability and quality, but because she can use it for many years to come. ~ Lune


My daughter loves this toy and it's been a lot of fun watching her play make-believe with it. She moves the furniture and dolls from room to room, in and out of the doors, moves them up and down the stairs, and it's nice that she can pull the stairs away for easier access to the house. This is a wonderful toy and I think it will last a long time, and someday we'll be able to pass it along to another child who will love it as well. ~ Erin


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